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Teachers In charges

1. University, Internal & Model Examinations

1. Dr.Benny Cheriyan A (Chief Examiner)
2. Asst.Prof.Nithya Chandran (Asst. to Chief Examiner)

2. College Staff Council

1. Principal
2. Asst.Prof. Rajani K. K. (HOD-Commerce)
3. Asst.Prof. Thejus John. (HOD-BBA)
4. Asst.Prof. Ajas E.M. (HOD-BCA)
5. Asst.Prof. Renu Joseph (HOD Gen.Dept.)
6. Asst.Prof.Mahesh Dept.of Commerce.
(Nominated Member)

3. College Extension Activities

1. Asst.Prof.Femimol A J  (Dept.of BCA)
2. Asst.Prof. Rajani K.K. (HOD-Commerce)
3. Asst.Prof. Dhanya P.S. (HOD-BBA)
4. Asst.Prof.Ajas E.M. (HOD-BCA)
5. Asst.Prof. Laiby Baby (HOD Gen.Dept.)

4. Staff Advisor

1. Asst.ProfAjas E.M. (HOD-BCA)

Teachers who are in charge of curricular, cocurricular and extracurricular duties during the Academic Year 2015-2016

5. College Union Election

1. Asst.Prof. Jithin Mohan (Returning Officer)
2. Asst.Prof.Nithya Chandran
(Asst. to Returning Officer)

6. College Magazine

1. Principal (Chief Editor)
2. Asst.Prof. Jithin Mohan (Staff Editor)
3. Asst.Prof.Sreekanth O.M.(Staff Editor)
4. Asst.Prof. Laiby Baby (Staff Editor)
5. Asst.Prof.Sheeba (Staff Editor)

6. Asst.Prof.Dhanya Divakaran(Staff Editor)

7. Programme Co-Ordinator in the Campus

1. Asst.Prof.Thejus John
2. Asst.Prof.Anjana T.S.

8.College Calendar

1. Dr.Benny Cheriyan A (Principal)
3. Asst.Prof..Jithin Mohan

9. Public Relations and Right to Information

1. Asst.Prof. Dhanya P.S.

2.Asst.Prof.Surya S

10. Students’ Mentoring System

1. Asst.Prof. Sreekanth O.M. (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof.Surya S.

11. Tutorial System

1. First B.Com Tax – Ms. Listy Augustine
2. First B.Com Computer – Mr.Mahesh
3. Second B.Com Tax – Ms.Ancy Kasim
4. Second B.Com Computer- Ms.Nithya Chanran
5. Third B.Com Tax – Ms.Rajani
6. Third B.Com Computer – Mr. Sreekanth O.M.
7. First BBA – Mr.Thejus John
8. Second BBA – Ms. Dhanya P.S.
9. Third BBA – Ms. Surya S.
10. First BCA – Ms. Femimol A.J.
11. Second BCA – Ms.Sajmi P.N.
12. Third BCA – Mr. Jithin Mohan

12. College Time Table

1. Asst.Prof.Rajani K.K. (Convenor)
2. All Dept.HODs

13.Nature Club

1. Asst.Prof.Mahesh (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. Thejus John
3. Asst.Prof.Anjana T.S.

14. Women Cell

1. Asst.Prof.Listy Augustine (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. Sheeba K.S.

15. Anti-Drug Cell

1. Asst. Prof. Ajas E.M. (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. Femimol A. J.

16. Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell

1. Asst.Prof. Jennamol P. M. (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. Reshmi E. R.

17. Film, Music and Drama Club

1. Asst.Prof. Sreekanth O. M.

18. Red Ribbon Club and Red Cross

1. Asst.Prof.Laiby Baby (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof.Surya S.

19. Literary, Debate and Quiz Club

1. Asst.Prof.Surya S. (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. TejusJohn

20. Human Rights Forum

1. Asst.Prof. Thejus John

21. Survey on Higher Education

1. Asst.Prof.Aagy Thomas P.

22. Disciplinary Committee

1. Asst.Prof Ajas E. M.(Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof.Laiby Baby

23. Anti-ragging Committee

1. Asst.Prof. Sreekanth O.M. (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof. Femimol A. J.
3. Asst.Prof Sajmi P. N.

24. Grievance Redressal Committee

1. Asst.Prof.Mahesh (Convenor)

2.Asst.Prof.Nithya Chandran

25.Ethics and Value Education Committee

1. Asst.Prof.Ajas E.M, (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof.Nithya Chandran

26. Admission Committee

1. Asst.Prof. Jithin Mohan (Convenor)
2. Asst.Prof.Ajas E .M

27. College Students’ Council

1. Asst.Prof.Nithya Chandran (Staff in charge)
2. Asst.Prof.Jithin Mohan

28. P.T.A.

1. Asst.Prof.Sheeba K.S.
2. Asst.Prof. Jithin Mohan

29. College Library Teachers In Charge

1. Asst.Prof.Sheeba K.S.
2. Asst.Prof. Dhanya Divakaran.

30. Computer Expertise

1. Mr.Jithin Mohan.
2. Ms.Savitha P. Varghese

31. College Web Site (In Charge)

1. Asst. Prof. Jithin Mohan
2. Mr.Najmal (System Administrator)

32. Students’ Counseling

1. Asst.Prof.Dhanya Divakaran.

33. Sports Promotion

1. Asst.Prof.Mahesh
2. Asst.Prof.Sreekanth O.M.

34. Office Administration

1.Mr.Rijo Alex

35. Scholar Ships

1. Ms. Savitha P.Varghese

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