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1.Students shall not be involved in any kind of anti – social activities.

2. Students must observe strict discipline in the campus; behave with dignity and courtesy to the Principal, faculty members, administrative staff, visitors and fellow students.

3. Political activities and the functioning of student organizations are strictly banned in the Campus. Unofficial meetings, strikes, demonstrations, agitations, and fund collection are strictly prohibited. Students who violate the above rules are liable to be dismissed from the college summarily.

4. No student shall bring into the college campus or hostels any banner, flag, board, notice, pamphlet or other such materials for the purpose of any political activity of student organizations or other organizations.

5. The College Management and Principal shall take appropriate measures to insulate the college campus from political activism and external intervention, to safeguard the interests of students, academic community, parents and the general public. Students and staff shall co- operate with all such measures including the mode of College Union election as decided by the College Management and Courts from time to time.

6. Election to the College Union, if required, will be conducted under Parliamentary Mode, as per Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, under the verdict of the Hon’ble High Court of Kerala in WPC © No.19411 of 2012, de hors the directions issued by the University.

7. No meeting or entertainment programme shall be organized nor any fund collected in the college or the hostels without the permission of the Principal.

8. Students must wear uniforms on prescribed occasions and working days. Students should always maintain dignity and decency in dressing.

9. All fees (Including Tuition fees & Bus fees) will be charged semester wise. No monthly fee payment system is permitted

10. Students should not go outside the college during class hours. In the event of unavoidable necessity they should seek special permission from the Principal / Head of the Department.

11. Staff members/Discipline Committee shall have the powers to deny admission to students to classes/office/labs/library/meetings/cultural programs and other programs in the case of violation of the dress code of the college.

12. Students shall always wear identity cards issued by the college with tags and show them as and when demanded by the Principal, teachers and office staff/ security staff.

13. No student shall use or keep in possession alcoholic drinks or drugs. Using/ keeping of these items will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the college and hostels.

14. Students shall not enter classrooms other than their own.

15. Cinematic dance and fashion shows shall not be allowed inside the College campus. Violating these rules will attract disciplinary action.  A fine of Rs.150/- will be levied for the use of mobile phones without permission .

16. Students guilty of visiting other colleges or institutions to take part in acts of indiscipline such as organizing demonstrations or strikes will be deemed culpable and be punished accordingly.

17. The Principal shall have the power to inflict the following punishments. a fine will be levied for shortage of attendance and loss of terms certificate, suspension, compulsory issue of T.C and expulsion.

18. Conduct certificates will not be issued automatically. It has to be earned by the students’ for their good conduct. Promotion to a higher class, selection for University examinations and issue of progress, attendance and conduct certificates are matters absolutely within the statutory and discretionary powers of the Principal and no appeal against the Principal’s decision to any other authority shall be

19. The principal shall have the right to issue Transfer Certificate to a student admitted to the college without an application from the students or their guardians at any time during the course of their study in the college without assigning any specific reason.

20. The principal or other duly constituted college or hostel authorities may frame and issue from time to time disciplinary rules of permanent or temporary character, regulating the conduct of students within and outside the college and the hostel premises with a view to maintaining the credit and reputation of the college and the hostels.

21. Students shall desist from disfiguring the class rooms, compound walls and buildings in the college campus by pasting posters or writing on them. They shall also desist from disfiguring the compound walls of neighboring buildings.

22. Legal action will be initiated against those who destruct or cause to destruct the properties of the college under existing laws including the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act 1984.

23. Banners, flags, posters, crackers, explosives, weapons etc. shall not be allowed inside the campus or at the gates or compound walls for the purpose of any activity without the permission of the Principal.

24. Students who are charged with a criminal offense and are under suspension shall not be allowed to enter the campus without permission.

25. Students from other institutions and outsiders should take prior permission with valid identity proof to meet the Principal and staff members. Students from other institutions and outsiders shall not meet or interact with the students of the college inside the campus without the prior written consent of the Principal.

26. Students from other institutions and outsiders disrupting any academic activity or functioning of the college office or any unit thereof, shall be treated as infringing on the rights of the college authorities to run the institution in a good manner for the public interest. All such deeds will be treated as infringement on the rights of students. Legal actions including contempt of court will be initiated in all such cases.

27. Banners, posters, holdings, cutouts, flex boards, flag posts or any other things of temporary or permanent nature shall not be erected, installed, or placed within 200 meters of the college gate without the permission of the college authorities.

28. There shall not be any discrimination against any community or category of students of the college and immediate stringent action will be taken against the erring students / officials / faculty members.

29. Outsiders including police and media shall not enter the campus without the permission of the Principal.

30. Photography / video / audio recording and playing in the campus is strictly prohibited. Programs in the college shall be covered only by the persons officially authorized by the Principal.

31. Students have to park their vehicles at the allotted place at their own risk. Stunting and racing of vehicles within and in a radius of 200 meters of the campus are strictly banned.

32. The security personnel / designated college staff are authorized to inspect the records of the vehicles entering the campus and register the details in the gate register.

33. The College Council and Parent Teacher Association can advise the Principal on internal matters of the college.

34. Students and staff members can make use of the grievance redressal mechanism available in the college.

35. When a student meets a member of the teaching staff of the college within the campus or outside, it is a matter of politeness that he / she should greet him / her.

36. When a teacher enters the class, the students must keep standing until the teacher permits them to sit.

37. Students should keep with them the texts and note books required for classes they attend.

38. No student shall leave the classroom during a lecture without the permission of the teacher.

39. Students who happen to have no class should not loiter in the corridors or campus during class hours. They must either go to the Library and read or retire to their hostels.

40. Habitual negligence in college work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act or any other acts of misconduct will attract severe disciplinary action.

41. Students are forbidden from writing, marking or drawing on class room furniture, walls, floor, roof etc, using ink, paint or any other materials. Mass fine will be imposed on the students of the particular class found violating this rule.

42. Students are expected to keep decency and decorum in their behavior.

43. Ragging is prohibited by law. Students shall not indulge in any such activities. It is strictly banned on campus by law in force.

44. The college authorities reserve the right to amend, repeal or modify any of the above rules.

45. Students using two wheeler should compulsorily wear helmets and are allowed to carry only one pillion rider. Vehicles shall not be parked near the gate or at the entrance to the porch.


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