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Whenever you think of ILM, thank the people who built it and think of the people living around it. In the predominantly rural area surrounding the college, people depend mainly on agriculture for a way of living. The founders of this higher education institution as well as the society around it are equally ambitious about this institution. ILM is not built with just brick and mortar; it is built of their dreams and aspirations.

       ILM has a history of a decade to bank on. For an institution, it is not a long period to be proud of; nor is it a nominal period worth writing off. Every long journey starts with a single step and the momentum it gives for further progress is immense.

       When I take over charge, I have my predecessors as my role models. The road taken by them leaves a trail of precedents and conventions for us to follow. ILM has a strong student population, talented teaching faculty, and a dedicated management team. We pin our hopes on the chemistry arising out of their academic interaction.

       In this post-covid scenario, when we enter our classrooms, we have a generation of students brought up on online platforms. They have long forgotten the art of conversation and the warmth of interaction. Their natural ability to think critically on their own and form unbiased opinions take a back seat in the midst of social media rants and trolls. Teachers are thus set to meet a community in the classrooms who are afraid to voice their opinions. They may even tend to forget the sanctity of boundaries in campus interactions. Teachers need to restrict the time their students spend on social media and insist on reading extensively, conversing, discussing, and formulating their own opinions. Our students should be educated on a strong code of ethics to distinguish between right and wrong and then have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

       I dream the rise of a generation with a mind of their own, who will raise their head and smile when spoken to and who won’t do a Google search to find out who their neighbours are.


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