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Marks Distributions for External Examinations and Internal Evaluations

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   ‘ THE UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS'( END SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS-E.S.A) and ‘THE INTERNAL                                               EVALUATIONS-(I.S.A)’  ==== ( 80+ 20=100)


There are two Levels of Examinations under C.B.C.S.viz;-(1) The External examinations and (2)The Internal Evaluations. The External Examinations of all the semesters will be conducted by the M.G. University ,at the end of each semester. Internal Evaluations are  done through continuous assessments by the Teachers concerned.  

—————————————————————————————————————————————-                   The Marks distributions of External , Internal  and the Components for internal evaluations, with  marks are detailed below;



(1). Maximum Marks for External Examinations = 80  

(2).  Maximum Marks for Internal Examinations = 20( The three components of the Internal Assessments are mandatory)                                                                                                    

( In the case of common course,‘ ENGLISH’, in any Semester, Internal Oral Evaluations, may be conducted instead of Test paper).  

1) Attendance       5
2) Assignment / Seminar / Viva    (any one)       5
3) Test papers( 2 test papers of 5 marks each)     10
 TOTAL     20

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