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Disciplinary Committee

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  • Admission open 2022-23

  • ILM PULSE – College Day Celebration 2K22

    College day celebration ILM PULSE & College Union Inauguration 2K22     Chief Guests Mr. Anu Mohan - Actor Mr....

  • Vacancies

    Required Teaching faculties (Assistant professors for Psychology, Computer Science(Cyber Forensic)  and all other departments) & non-teaching staffs . E-mail your...

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The committee consists of the following Members:

1. Prof (Dr) Shibu Simon, Principal

2. Mr. Sudheer P.A (HOD, Dept. of Computer Science)

3. Ms. Pravitha Devi P.G  (HOD, General Dept.)

4. Ms. Rosilin Joseph (HOD, Dept. of Commerce)

5. Dr.Titus Lassar (HOD, Dept. of  Psychology)

6. Ms. Dhanya P.S HOD, Dept. of  Business Administration)

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