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Choice Based Credit and Semester System (C.B.C.S.S) Regulations 


l) Title

These regulations shall be called “Regulations for Under Graduation Programs under Choice based Course Credit Semester System and Grading 2013″.

2) Scope

Applicable to all regular non-professional Under Graduate Programs conducted by the M.G. University.

3) Definitions

‘Academic Week’ is a unit of five working days in which distribution of work is organized from DAY 1 to DAY-5,with five contact hours of one hour duration of each day. A sequence of 18 such academic weeks constitute one Semester. ‘College Coordinator’ is a teacher nominated by the college council to co-ordinate the continuous evaluations, undertaken by various departments .‘Credit’ is the numerical value assigned to a course according to the relative importance of the content of the program. ‘Grace Marks’ shall be awarded to candidates as per the University Orders issued from time to time. ‘Grade’ means a letter symbol (e.g.A,B,C etc) which indicates the broad level of performance of a student in a course/Semester/Program. ‘Grade Point (GP)’ is a numerical of the percentage of marks awarded to a student in a course ‘Open Course’ means a course outside the field of his/ her specialization which can be opted by a student. ‘Semester’ means a term consisting of a minimum of 450 contact hours distributed over 90 working days.Inclusive of examination days within five 18 five day academic weeks.

Eligibility for  Admission and Reservation of Seats

Eligibility of admission Norms for admission, reservation of seats for various Degree Programs shall according to the rules framed by M.G. University, Kottayam

4) Duration

The duration of U.G programs shall be SIX SEMESTERS.The duration of ODD semesters,shall be from June to October(Except first semester) and that of EVEN semesters, from November to March.

5) Registration

The strength of students for each program shall remain as per existing regulations,except in case of open courses from which there shall be a minimum of 15 and maximum of 75 students per batch.

6) Scheme and Syllabus;-

The U.G programs shall include;-

(a) Common courses I &II (b) Core courses (c) Complementary Courses (d) Open course

7) Program Structure

There shall be a maximum of three credits for the open course and remaining one credit should be shifted to choice based course or any other course

8) Examinations

The evaluation of each course shall contain two parts i) THE INTERNAL or In-Semester Assessment (I.S.A) ii)THE EXTERNAL or End-Semester Assessment(E.S.A) The Internal to External assessment ratio shall be 1:4 for both courses with or without practical.There shall be maximum of 80 marks for external evaluation and maximum of 20 marks for Internal evaluation for all courses, grades are given on a 07-point scale based on the total percentage of marks (I.S.A+E.S.A) as detailed below;-

 Percentage of Marks  Grade
 90 and above    A+ -Outstanding
 80-89 A-Excellent
 70-79 B-Very Good
 60-69 C-Good
 50-59 D-Satisfactory
 40-49  E-Adequate
Below 40    F-Failure
 4 or below  F-Failure

9) Attendance Evaluation

% of Attendance Marks
 90 and above 5
 85-89 4
80-84 3
 76-79 2
75 1

(Decimal is to be rounded to the next higher whole number)

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