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Attendance and Leave

1. No student shall  be absent from class without LEAVE.

2. If a student requires leave for personal reason he/she must get permission from the Principal or the H.O.D. concerned, in Advance.

3. Application for the leave should be made at least TWO DAYS, in advance.

4. In the case of HOSTEL RESIDENTS, all applications for leave shall be countersigned by the Warden and submitted to the Principal.

5. The application for leave on account of ‘ILLNESS’ must be supported by  Medical Certificate,from a Registered Medical Practitioner.

6. The Certificate of Attendance, which is compulsory for the admission to the University Examination will not be issued unless the Principal is convinced that the student’s conduct, progress etc. have been satisfactory and the student has attended a minimum of  THREE FOURTH’S (75%) of the working days ,in the Academic Semester. The minimum percentage of attendance required for U.G.Program,under C.B.C.S.S, during a semester ,is 75% for each of their respective courses (Common, Core, Complementary, Open & Elective Courses). Students may also note that unless they register for the University Examination, they are not eligible for promotion to higher classes.

7. Students who want to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities will not be granted Grace Attendance, in lieu of such participation, unless they get prior written permission from the Principal through applications forwarded by the teachers in charge.

8. Name of a student who is absent without prior permission for leave for TEN consecutive working days, or TWO weeks will be removed from the roll.

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